Broker/Consultants for Commercial Electricity in the State of Texas

Brokers for Commercial Electricity in Odessa, TX

As Broker/Consultants we contract with many commercial electricity companies that do business in the State of Texas

Our consulting service is free – we are paid by the electric companies.

YES — Merchants usually experience a substantial savings with our recommendations

We provide personal customer service. We do an analysis for a merchant’s existing commercial electricity program, breakdown the costs and recommend any changes that may help merchants obtain a lower monthly cost.

We place a Merchant’s business account out-for-bid through many companies to assure the lowest cost for electricity service.

In addition, at renewal time we place our Merchant account(s) out-for-bid to get low bids for commercial electricity.

  • No monthly fees with our commercial electricity programs
  • No hidden charges—just low electricity rates
  • No nodal/demand charges
  • Personal customer service

Are you paying too much for electricity?

  • E-mail or fax a copy of your current commercial electricity bill to us (all pages).
  • We will provide you with an analysis of your current program, review the costs and make recommendations.